Invisalign® Clear Aligners in Santa Rosa

Braces are an important yet difficult solution for individual dental issues. Investing in braces now will ensure a future where your teeth are straight, functional, and beautiful. Although you may choose from various orthodontic solutions, Lehman Waggener Dental offer Invisalign as a reliable and cosmetically pleasing choice for many patients. Achieving straighter teeth in Santa Rosa is easy for patients who qualify for Invisalign aligners, a clear and comfortable way for a beautiful smile.


This product is easy to use and made of a clear, strong material that is metal-free. Best for treating teens and adults, Invisalign makes use of customized aligners that are molded for an exact fit. These aligners can re-adjust a number of teeth issues, including:

Over and Underbite

Where your bite does not align perfectly; the upper jaw can bite behind your bottom, or vice versa. This caused undue wear and tear on teeth and creates jaw issues later on.

Teeth Crowding

If teeth are too tight together that cleaning between them is impossible, or they’ve crowded too close and are crooked, then orthodontics are the right choice.

Unwanted Gaps

When teeth are too far apart from each other, causing bite and jaw irregularities.

Who is Eligible for Invisalign?

If you suffer from one or more combinations of these issues, then Invisalign may be the right choice for you. Depending on how serious these issues are in your mouth, the right Invisalign treatment is matched case-by-case. The aligners themselves are customized to the unique dental health needs of each patient, so no one has to worry about receiving a cookie-cutter treatment that won’t work. Our Santa Rosa practice is committed to providing each patient with unique orthodontic care that will result in a functional, confident smile.

How the Treatment Works

blonde woman holding invisalign clear aligners

The clear aligners adjust your teeth over time, much like traditional braces do, but the process is slightly different. About every two weeks the aligners are switched out for a new set, and this process continues for a few months, with regular dentist check-ups sprinkled throughout. Each aligner set will push the teeth into place a little bit more, as each molded aligner is shaped so your teeth fall into place.

The daily process is different from braces as well. Invisalign must be kept in your mouth for 22 hours a day, except when eating or cleaning your teeth. This proven, gradual, and gentle process will grant you the smile you deserve with the greatest comfort. People may not notice the treatment, but they will see the results when your teeth are straighter, and your smile greatly improved.

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With Invisalign you will improve the health and beauty of your dentition without the discomfort of wires and brackets. We are happy to offer our patients the ability to comfortably enhance the natural beauty of their smile, with a nearly invisible product. Call our office in Santa Rosa, CA, or schedule an appointment online.



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