Invisalign® Clear Aligners vs Traditional Braces

If you are a teen or adult who wants to improve your smile with straighter teeth, you have probably wondered about the differences between metal braces and clear trays like Invisalign® aligners.

While they each have their own advantages and disadvantages, they share similarities as well.

First a Little About Traditional Braces

While this orthodontia has typically been made primarily of metal in the past, the bracket and wire system is now available in far less detectable colors, with ceramic brackets that can be tooth colored or clear. While metal wires are still used, they are often colored white or frosted depending on preference.

This method of straightening requires regular visits to the orthodontist for adjustments. They are not removable, so patients who consume dark foods and liquids are liable to experience staining around the brackets. Vigilant attention to oral hygiene and specialized flossing tools are necessary in order to keep traditional braces clean and free of food particles and bacterial build up.

The length of time it takes to complete treatment depends on the extent of the crowding, misalignment, or malocclusion. Children will respond faster than adults because their jaw structures are more pliable.

Could Invisalign Work for You?

First and foremost, Invisalign is not for children. The tendency of kids to remove the appliance, makes it ineffective for them. These trays are a viable teeth straightening option for mature teens and adults who understand the importance of wearing the aligners all day, except during meals and while brushing and flossing.

Invisalign aligners offer a discrete alternative to traditional braces. Straightening with these aligners entails wearing a series of graduated, custom-made trays that are replaced every two weeks with the next set in the series. They can be removed while eating and also during your home oral hygiene routine.

This appliance treats mild to moderate alignment issues, and while only a few dentists have attempted to use them for patients with more complex alignment issues, there have been several reports of Invisalign successfully treating more complex cases.

Ultimately you and your dentist or orthodontist will decide which option will work best for you.

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